Welcome, Bellflower (and a discount code for The Swan Harp)

Today we welcomed a new book to the Type Eighteen Books family. Bellflower is a new edition of Mary Vensel White’s second book, a unique novel-in-moments that focuses on three California families and the moments that make up their lives. The sections and chapters of the book can be read in any order, and readers are invited to choose a reading approach. Here’s the official description:

At a party thrown by his wife’s PTA friend, Glen Hanley makes a reckless choice. Terri Moore’s life has finally settled after an unexpected divorce, when her son reveals stunning news. Elderly and alone, Mrs. Hallowicz finds solace in her flowerbeds and pet turtle, but the pain of a long-buried tragedy threatens to unhinge her. On the shaky ground of California, foundations can suddenly shift.

Bellflower is a kaleidoscopic novel-in-moments spanning the lifetimes of these three characters and the network of family and friends connecting them, an unforgettable story about the mysteries of fate and chance, the delicate balance of relationships, and the resilient human spirit that keeps us striving to complete our own stories, in our own way.

To read more about Bellflower, CLICK HERE.


In other news, we’re offering a discount FOR A LIMITED TIME on preorders of The Swan Harp, the first book in the Wings of Valenia series by Elizabeth Creith. From January 1-10, take 10% off when ordering direct, with the discount code SWAN. This is your chance to be among the first to get this much-anticipated YA fantasy, because books ordered direct will ship WEEKS before the April 2nd wide release! So BUY THE SWAN HARP now!

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