The Swan Harp Book Unboxing!

Oh, happy day! Watch as our author Elizabeth Creith gets a first glimpse at The Swan Harp, an event 20+ years in the making. Congratulations! We can’t wait to share your unforgettable voice and great story with the world!

Reedsy Discovery says:

“A spellbinding fantasy romance…

The human and swanfolk cultures united in harmony through the marriage of King Tir and Queen Tianis created an intriguing foundation for worldbuilding within the story’s introduction. I loved diving into the swanfolk’s culture and seeing how the transformative magic intertwined with Kiar’s story, creating tension and suspense… Princess Kiar bears the weight of the kingdom on her young shoulders. With many lessons to learn, Kiar has to prove that she has the strength to rule and make difficult decisions, especially when the most ominous threat comes from the least expected place.

I recommend The Swan Harp to readers who enjoy slow burn fantasy romance, shapeshifting magic, medieval fantasy settings, and subtle political intrigue.”

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