First Reviews and All the Links You Need!

We are seven weeks out from the publication of our first book, THINGS TO SEE IN ARIZONA, and there is much to see on our end about this exciting novel!


The first reviews are in, like this 5 STAR one from Anthony Aycock at IndieReader. Here’s an excerpt:

“THINGS TO SEE IN ARIZONA is a satisfying blend of travelogue, romance, mystery, and teen coming-of-age. Mary White’s descriptions are spot-on: “cotton candy sunsets,” “wispy, half-ass clouds.” Arizona, with its history of alien sightings and new age outlooks, and its landscape that seems wide open but conceals quite a lot, is an excellent backdrop for a story centered on redefinition. Finally, Tuesday and Cristian make an entertaining couple whom the reader can’t help but root for.

An artful blend of travelogue, romance, mystery, and teen coming-of-age, Mary Vensel White’s THINGS TO SEE IN ARIZONA is a well-written, imaginative and satisfying read.”

Let’s hear it for half-ass clouds! Maybe Arizona dwellers can relate!

If you’re part of Reedsy, you can check out THINGS TO SEE IN ARIZONA and review it there, where an early reviewer called it “A well-written and satisfying coming of age story that celebrates self-discovery at all points in one’s life.”


Reviews are important! Particularly for indie books, which often don’t get as much attention. Please and thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to leave a star rating or review:


Other places to find/preorder/read/review the book:

Goodreads (You can review here NOW!)

Amazon (You can review after July 28th)

Barnes & Noble (review after 7/28)

And if you’re on LibraryThing, you can check out this giveaway running through the end of June or join this great book community for book recs and book talk.


Get Social!

We’ve built an amazing street team of readers who are excited about sharing the word about THINGS TO SEE IN ARIZONA. We’ve got room for a few more! CONTACT US if you’d like to receive a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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We are working out the particulars of a BOOK LAUNCH at the end of July in SoCal, and BOOK EVENTS for August in…you guessed it, ARIZONA! Rumor has it we’ll be in Flagstaff, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. Stay tuned.


And here’s a friendly reminder that if you order directly from Type Eighteen Books, not only will you get a SIGNED copy, but you’ll secure delivery BEFORE the July 28th publication date. Also, because we are in the celebrating mood, please use this code for 10% off for the next two weeks only: FRIENDS10. That’s June 9 through June 23rd. Order a copy and one for a friend!


More soon as we approach the publication of our first book, and watch for upcoming news about our next book and author.


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