Things to See in Arizona



* Silver medalist, Independent Book Publishers Association 2024 Benjamin Franklin Award, Teen Fiction*

Sometimes losing something can change the way you see everything.

Tuesday Mayes has always felt like she was meant for more than the desert she’s lived in her whole life. With the summer after high school graduation upon her, she is eager to start a new chapter despite the diagnosis of a minor health issue. But when her father goes missing, she must confront a reality she’s not ready to face.

Enter Cristian Robles, childhood friend and long-time crush. When he offers to accompany her on a journey across Arizona to find her father—if they visit supernatural locations from his Weird Arizona guidebook along the way—Tuesday sees it as chance to finally have an adventure. As they embark on a road trip filled with discoveries and surprises, she begins to uncover the truth about family secrets and her special abilities. Along the way, she finds herself falling for Cristian and realizing that sometimes losing something can change the way you see everything.

With a mix of adventure, romance, and self-discovery, this is a story about growing up, facing fears, and discovering the strength within. On this journey of a lifetime, will Tuesday discover who she truly is and what she truly wants?

Things to See in Arizona is a satisfying blend of travelogue, romance, mystery, and teen coming-of-age. Arizona, with its history of alien sightings and new age outlooks, and its landscape that seems wide open but conceals quite a lot, is an excellent backdrop for a story centered on redefinition. Tuesday and Cristian make an entertaining couple whom the reader can’t help but root for.”—Indie Reader

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