New book alert! The Dark Road by Kathleen Rhodes

We’re thrilled to announce our next release, The Dark Road. This stunning psychological thriller will keep you turning pages, and it’ll keep you up at night. We introduced our debut author HERE, and now, here’s a little bit about the book:

Shelly has been confronting the demons of her childhood with a psychiatrist for some time. From the outside, she seems to be holding it together—she’s married and lovingly cares for her young daughter, Josie, and she manages a real estate career. But Shelly’s hold on reality is not always strong. Tormented by violent scenarios presented by her imagination, she constantly fears for the safety of her family; exhausted by her anxious subconscious, she has grown apart from Paul, her seemingly patient husband.

John’s mother has never been particularly maternal, or kind. Shadows of the abuse he faced during childhood cling to him, sabotaging his relationships and keeping him in the grip of fear. His buried feelings of anger simmer below the surface of his life, threatening to erupt in a vicious show of power.

When Shelly discovers a shocking truth about Paul, she heads out on the rainy Oregon highway, where a tragic accident lands her in a coma…or does it? As Shelly chases a child ghost named Red who has haunted her for decades, she returns to the setting of earlier traumas and fights for her life in this dark, transitory world. There, she encounters John, who has a score to settle of his own.

THE DARK ROAD will have you questioning the murky paths between reality and the subconscious, and the effects of past injuries on our quest for a brighter future.

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