Meet the Author: Peter J. Dellolio

Please join us in welcoming another new author to Type Eighteen Books! Peter J. Dellolio has published three poetry collections (A Box Of Crazy Toys, Bloodstream Is the Illusion Of Rubies Counting Fireplaces, and Rollercoasters Made Of Dream Space). His writing—which includes poetry, fiction, one-act plays, and film criticism—has appeared widely in magazines and journals. He’s a contributing editor for NYArts Magazine; he’s written art and film reviews and several monographs on new artists. He’s the Co-Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Artscape2000, a prestigious, award-winning, art e-zine. He taught poetry and art for LEAP and is an artist himself. His paintings and 3D works offer abstract images of famous people in all walks of life who have died tragically at a young age. He graduated from New York University and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Peter’s novella will be out in early 2025, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Learn more about him in the video below, and welcome, Peter!


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