First Title Announced: Things to See in Arizona

We’re thrilled to announce the first of two titles for 2023: Things to See in Arizona, a young adult novel by Mary Vensel White. With a mix of adventure, romance, and self-discovery, this beautifully written story is about growing up, facing fears, and uncovering the strength within.

Tuesday Mayes has been looking forward to getting out of the desert her entire life. For as long as she can remember, she’s had “sightings”—sudden flashes that reveal a person’s past or future self—and sometimes, she can feel when someone is in pain. But she wants to be like any other teenager. It’s the summer after high school graduation, and she should be sitting by a pool with her best friend, Rosanna, or watching their favorite band in concert, or getting ready to leave for college in the fall. When she is diagnosed with what she considers a minor health problem, her mom starts having second thoughts about letting her move away. The commitment deadline for the college of her dreams is approaching, and Tuesday needs her dad’s support—only, he has mysteriously disappeared to get in touch with his spiritual side, leaving a confusing letter behind.

Enter Cristian Robles, Rosanna’s older brother and long-time crush, home for the summer. Cristian offers to accompany Tuesday on a journey across Arizona to find her father—with the condition they visit supernatural locations in his Weird Arizona book along the way—and Tuesday ends up discovering much more than she imagined about her special abilities and family secrets, and about the decisions she’ll have to grow up quickly to make.

We’re excited for you to meet this character and follow her on a journey of a lifetime. Watch this space for information about the release this summer, and the reveal of the stunning cover … soon!

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