Cover Reveal: The Swan Harp!

Have a look at the stunning cover for Elizabeth Creith‘s debut YA fantasy novel, The Swan Harp, the first book in the Wings of Valenia trilogy. Here’s the story:

As next in line to the throne, Kiar will be responsible for protecting the human kingdom of Valenia. The middle of three daughters of King Tir and Queen Tianas, a woman of the swanfolk, Kiar is devastated when her sisters are able to take swan form and she is not.

When three young swanfolk arrive to be fostered in the royal family, her friendship with spirited Willow and growing feelings for tall, thoughtful Tuan make her feel even more different. Her inability to change shape is not the only problem Kiar faces; the king of neighboring Noermark is determined to bring Valenia under his rule, either by force or by guile. He sends his son to ask for her hand in marriage.

Facing down a human enemy is one thing, but when dark magic threatens the kingdom and tragedy pulls the family apart, it’s up to Kiar and her swanfolk friends to defeat the supernatural forces before Valenia falls.

The Swan Harp is AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW, only at Type Eighteen Books. Go over to our Books page for more details and to claim your copy, which will reach your mailbox BEFORE the 4-2-24 wide release.

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