Book Announcement! Coming this November – Sky of Ashes, Land of Dreams

We’re thrilled to introduce the next release from Type Eighteen Books, an encompassing historical fiction by debut novelist Erin Jamieson. Sky of Ashes, Land of Dreams is the enthralling story of three young adults living on the cusp of great change in early 20th-century Mongolia. It’s an enthralling and beautiful story about having dreams, finding love, and learning to survive in a tumultuous and sometimes brutal place.

“Bolormaa is introduced to the man she is to marry on her eighteenth birthday, over mutton stew and steaming buuz.” She has dreamt of another sort of life, but in 1917 Mongolia, a young woman’s choices are limited. When she meets Ganbaatar—a name that means steel hero—she feels an immediate pull but isn’t certain of his feelings for her. After their engagement is broken for unknown reasons, Bolormaa tries to return to her life of tending animals, and cooking and cleaning within the family’s ger. But she can’t shake the image of the handsome young man who came to dinner and then, seemingly rejected her.

Ganbaatar has been raised to view the Chinese with skepticism and suspicion, but the first time he sees Aisin, he is drawn to her beauty and bravery. His feelings conflict with the expectations of his family and culture, and his ultimate decision will begin his life’s journey of great heartache but also, great love.

Under the ever-changing sky of the Gobi Desert, these characters find the resilience to face the harsh, brutal winters, the challenges of drought and scarcity, and the political upheaval that will threaten the nomadic lifestyle their people have practiced for generations. Sky of Ashes, Land of Dreams is the story of unforgettable characters surviving extraordinary times, a journey of self-discovery and self-determination, and a powerful exploration of love in its many forms.

We’ll have the stunning cover image for you soon, as well as preorder information. Join us on this evocative journey back in time and into the hearts of these three characters, bound together in unexpected ways throughout this saga.

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