Announcing Wings of Valenia Book Two: The Lost King

Did you love The Swan Harp? Guess what? Book Two is headed your way and scheduled for release on November 14, 2024. We’ll open for preorders soon, reveal the stunning cover, and share more about author Elizabeth Creith’s inspiration for the book, but for now, here’s the title: THE LOST KING: WINGS OF VALENIA BOOK TWO.

In The Swan Harp, Princess Kiar confronts the threat of dark magic from a close source as she embraces her identity and responsibilities as next in line to the throne. In The Lost King, the second installment in the fantasy series, Kiar must face another threat fueled by magic—but now she’s older and wiser, a strong leader and relentless defender of the kingdom. This book is action-packed, full of feeling and visionary world-building, and an exciting progression for this story of swanfolk and humans—and maybe this time around, another sort of creature.

Here’s the official description:

The magical and action-packed sequel to The Swan Harp, this second book in the Wings of Valenia fantasy trilogy follows Princess Kiar as she harnesses her powers in the fight of a lifetime.

It is autumn in Valenia, and times are hard. The queen is no longer herself after the tragic events of the spring. Wild animals have ravaged crops, and Princess Kiar worries about a lean winter for the kingdom. After her sister Adana returns from the swanfolk with a cryptic warning from the Swan Queen, the nearby bog seems to take on a life of its own, and a young girl from an eastern farmstead brings news of a band of inhuman, seemingly invincible attackers. Local legend tells of mysterious bog-walkers, souls suspended between life and death and lurking between worlds.

Her father, the king, is wounded in battle, and the intruders seem to fear nothing and no one—except Kiar. But she cannot be everywhere at once. Along with her swanfolk friend, Willow, her future mate, the valiant and loyal Tuan, and a former enemy turned ally, Kiar enters the perilous heart of the bog to confront the dark magic within. Everything is at stake—the life of King Tir, her future as ruler, and the peace of Valenia.

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